What Our Clients Are Saying


“My Expectation? Save Money With Little Work on My Part.”

As soon as I learned about the Federal Tax Credit refund checks that I could earn, I contacted Jeff Newcorn of R. Jeffrey & Associates (RJA).

Jeff and his colleagues have streamlined the tax credits process requiring little work from me. For more than eight years that has been the case. RJA clearly explained how the tax credit program works and the steps required to make sure my accountants were comfortable. The process has worked very smoothly.

I have benefited from the near decade long relationship with RJA. The tax credit refund checks have been significant over time.

John Lazarich
McDonald’s Franchise Owner
Little Rock, Arkansas
Pulaski Empowerment Zone

“Wow! We Were Leaving Money Out There When It Was So Easy To Obtain.”

We had been aware of the Federal Zone Tax Credit program for several years but did not fully understand the benefits the credits brought to our business. We were concerned that securing the refund checks would require a great deal of our time – especially since we have multiple qualifying stores.

Jeff Newcorn of R. Jeffrey & Associates (RJA) approached us several times to discuss how his company could help us retrieve the tax credit refunds. We finally agreed to listen to him.

He told us that if we did not act to secure our earned tax credit dollars, we would leave a considerable amount of money on the table each year. Turned out that our work was minimal. We just provided Jeff with the required employment records.

It was very easy. Jeff showed us the path to receiving the money. We said: “Wow, we were leaving that money out there when it was so easy to obtain.”

It also was easy working with our accountant to have the annual tax returns amended. She was aware of RJA and the tax credit service they provide.

Ron Lofton
Lofton & Lofton
McDonald’s Franchise Owner

“All It Took Was About One-Half Hour of Our Time.”

We first became aware of the Zone Tax Credit program about ten years ago. We decided to proceed with the program because it would provide us with a tax refund.

Jeff and his company did all of the work. We forwarded to him our employment records. It was very easy. All it took was about one-half hour to send the information to him. The Zone Tax Credit refund checks have been significant.

Jeff was great. He was easy to work with and always easy to reach if we had a question.

Patrick Pawling
McDonald’s Franchise Owner
Erie Boulevard, Hamilton, OH