Securing Significant Federal Tax Credits and Refund Checks for your Clients


Time is Running Out

Accountants: Please visit this HUD site for Federal Tax Credit information.

Even though zone credit programs have ended, your clients can generate refund checks by amending their tax returns, based on the 3-year statute to amend prior years’ tax returns.

It is easy for your clients to work directly with RJA. For a very small effort on their part, which involves providing us with limited payroll data (paper or electronic), our clients, many of which are McDonald’s Franchisees, receive checks or credits of $15,000 to $50,000 per store, per year. Even our smaller clients typically received credits totaling thousands of dollars.

And, you can realize multiple benefits for your firm: Solidified client relationships and added revenue – amending tax returns and enhanced for new business acquisition.

R. Jeffrey & Associates earns our fees on a strict contingency basis. Your client’s refund checks come as a direct result of our analysis of their existing employee address and payroll data subject to very specific regulations pertaining to zone credit legislation. In addition to providing reporting and documentation to our clients, we provide you with the same resulting documents which you use to amend the client’s tax returns.

RJA has helped Zone-located business owners secure more than $4,000,000 of Federal Zone Tax Credits since 2002. Our clients include many Zone-located McDonald’s Franchise owners, plus other franchisees, and business owners representing various industries.

Across the U.S., accountants serving businesses located in HUD-designated Empowerment Zones and Renewal Community Zones have secured significant Federal tax credits and refund checks for their clients by collaborating with R. Jeffrey & Associates (RJA).

Please call Jeff Newcorn, RJA CEO at 847.795.1400 to discuss how together we can help clients secure their maximum tax credits refund checks.